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Related roles: Business Records Manager, Certified Document Imaging Architect, Document Control Manager, Document Management Consultant, ECM Consultant (Enterprise Content Management Consultant), Electronic Content Manager, Record Systems Analyst, Records and Information Management Consultant (RIM Consultant), Records and Information Management Specialist (RIM Specialist), Records Manager


Tiêu đề tương tự

Business Records Manager, Certified Document Imaging Architect, Document Control Manager, Document Management Consultant, ECM Consultant (Enterprise Content Management Consultant), Electronic Content Manager, Record Systems Analyst, Records and Information Management Consultant (RIM Consultant), Records and Information Management Specialist (RIM Specialist), Records Manager

Mô tả công việc

No matter what its mission is, every organization has one thing in common—documents!

From creation to completion, documents have a lifecycle that must be managed so they don’t get lost, mishandled, or mixed up. But with so many people generating, routing, and handling documents, it’s easy to lose track quickly. That’s why organizations hire Document Management Specialists to take care of things!

These specialists set up efficient, organized workflows so physical and electronic documents are properly categorized, tracked, and safeguarded. They also help to format and edit documents, assemble various documents into packets, and route them to individuals or departments for review and comments. Sensitive documents may be dated and time-stamped as they make their rounds, to ensure a traceable audit trail is available.

Once all actions are finished, the documents are considered “records” and cannot be further altered. These records are then filed in accordance with the organization’s records management policies. 

Các khía cạnh bổ ích của sự nghiệp
  • Ensuring documents are managed effectively
  • Supporting the operational backbone of the employing organization
  • Opportunities to work in a huge range of industries
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Trách nhiệm công việc

Lịch làm việc

  • Document Management Specialists generally work full-time, with some overtime occasionally required.

Nhiệm vụ tiêu biểu

  • Develop procedures for document life cycle management
  • Create document classification taxonomies. Classify documents according to their characteristics
  • Implement metadata management for easy document retrieval
  • Customize document management system features and workflows
  • Ensure document systems integrate with other organizational software
  • Utilize data capture technology for document importation
  • Convert physical documents to digital ones, ensuring accuracy and searchability
  • Assess document management needs of departments or end users
  • Train staff on effective document management, emphasizing security practices
  • Ensure document management systems are secure but accessible to those who have a need and authorization to access them
  • Monitor document access and permissions. Maintain confidentiality and privacy
  • Implement version control measures if documents are routinely revised
  • Route documents for review and comments
  • Format and edit documents, if requested
  • Assemble documents that need to be kept together, such as contracts with addendums or forms
  • Require audit trails for sensitive documents being routed

Trách nhiệm bổ sung

  • Monitor compliance with document management regulations
  • Check documents in and out of storage
  • Stay updated on management technologies and best practices
  • Collaborate with records managers to retain, archive, and dispose of documents
  • Create disaster recovery plans for the document systems
  • Analyze system performance to recommend enhancements
  • Coordinate document migrations during system upgrades
  • Conduct audits to maintain integrity, addressing discrepancies
  • Support users with electronic content access issues
  • Create user manuals and training materials 
Các kỹ năng cần thiết trong công việc

Kỹ năng mềm

  • Chú ý đến chi tiết
  • Bảo mật
  • Phối hợp
  • Tư duy phản biện
  • Dịch vụ khách hàng
  • Sự siêng năng
  • Độc lập
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Giám sát
  • Giải quyết vấn đề
  • Làm việc theo nhóm

Kỹ năng kỹ thuật

  • Proficiency in document management software (e.g., SharePoint, OpenText Documentum)
  • Knowledge of scanning technologies
  • Experience with Content Management Systems, metadata, and classification systems
  • Familiarity with version control practices
  • Skills in data entry, data capture, database management, and querying
  • Understanding of workflow automation and customization
  • Competence in information security and data privacy practices
  • Ability to perform system audits and compliance checks
  • Proficiency in document editing and formatting tools (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office Suite)
  • Basic IT troubleshooting and technical support skills
  • Depending on the organization and position, they may also need skills related to clinical documentation, HIPAA, construction documents, legal documents, Good Manufacturing Practices, etc.
Các loại hình tổ chức khác nhau
  • Archives and libraries
  • Schools, colleges, universities, research institutions, etc.
  • Các công ty kỹ thuật
  • Tổ chức tài chính
  • Cơ quan chính phủ
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Law firms and consulting firms
  • Tổ chức phi lợi nhuận
  • Private and public companies, including retailers, pharmaceutical, and tech companies
  • Publishers and news agencies
Kỳ vọng và hy sinh

Document Management Specialists work with all departments within their organization and must collaborate on establishing and customizing workflows that suit everyone’s needs.

They don’t just handle hard-copy documents; they’re responsible for electronic documents, too. Because of this, they must master document management software and enforce data privacy and security protocols to prevent unauthorized disclosure.

This requires staying up-to-date on the latest software, scanning technologies, and digital preservation methods. They may have to troubleshoot systems, perform compliance audits, and implement disaster recovery strategies to protect organizational data. 

Xu hướng hiện tại

Cloud-based solutions are becoming dominant in document management, thanks to the remote accessibility, security, and scalability they provide. Cloud storage also supports collaborative, real-time document sharing and editing.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are automating certain document-related tasks, like data entry, classification, and information extraction. They even help to improve security, compliance, and search functionalities.

Sustainability is increasingly important, so organizations are adopting digital systems to reduce paper use and storage needs, cutting down their environmental impact. Electronic signatures and digital receipts are reducing paper dependence, too!

Những loại điều mà mọi người trong nghề này thích làm khi họ còn trẻ...

Document Management Specialists tend to be organized, analytical, and efficient. In their younger days, they may have been tidy, enjoyed reading, or playing games that require critical thinking. They might have been equally comfortable by themselves as they were participating in group activities. 

Giáo dục và đào tạo cần thiết
  • Roughly half of workers in this field have a bachelor’s degree, while some get started with an associate’s
  • Common majors include business, English, Library Science, Information Management, Information Technology, and Computer Information Systems
  • Document Management Specialists receive additional On-the-Job training as well
  • Các chứng nhận tùy chọn bao gồm:
  1. American Academy of Professional Coders - Certified Documentation Expert Outpatient
  2. American Health Information Management Association - Certified Documentation Integrity Practitioner
  3. Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity - Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist
  4. Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists - 

                      Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist

                      ACDIS CDI Apprenticeship

Những điều cần tìm ở một trường đại học
  • Look for programs with a focus on information technology, document management systems, and records management.
  • Consider the program’s cost and the availability of financial aid or scholarships.
  • Be mindful of in-state versus out-of-state tuition and fees.
  • Check the program’s statistics regarding employment rates for graduates.
  • See if they have any connections with local employers who may hire recent grads.
Hoạt động giải trí ở trường trung học và đại học
  • Focus on courses in computer science, information technology, and business administration classes
  • Prepare for college by taking relevant Advanced Placement classes
  • Seek internships or part-time jobs related to filing, administrative assistance, document control, and records management. Relevant positions might include:
  1. Document Clerk
  2. Trợ lý hành chính
  3. Quản lý hồ sơ
  4. Library Technician
  5. Thư ký pháp lý
  6. Information Systems Manager
  • Join technology or business clubs to enhance your knowledge and network with professionals
  • Enroll in some non-degree courses on Udemy, Coursera, or LinkedIn Learning related to document or content management systems and tools
  • Volunteer to do document management tasks at your school
  • Keep a record of your achievements, projects, and skills for your resume
  • Keep your record clean in case you need to go through a background check to get a security clearance
  • Maintain a professional digital footprint on social media
  • Decide who you want to serve as your references. Ask for their permission to give out their contact information
Lộ trình tiêu biểu
Document Management Specialist Roadmap
Làm thế nào để đạt được công việc đầu tiên của bạn
  • Visit your school’s career center for help preparing resumes and doing mock interviews
  • Review job postings on Indeed, Glassdoor, USAJOBS, and other job portals
  • Note the keywords in job ads. Try to incorporate them into your resume where possible. Popular keywords might include:
  1. Compliance Management
  2. Content Management
  3. Data Privacy & Security
  4. Digital Archiving
  5. Document Management Systems
  6. Enterprise Content Management
  7. Information Governance
  8. Metadata Classification
  9. Records Retention Policies
  10. Workflow Automation
Cách leo thang
  • Talk with your supervisor about which professional development courses you could take to benefit the organization
  • Pursue advanced or specialized certifications related to the industry you’re in
  1. For example, Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals could be a valuable certification if your employer uses (or wants to use) SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams, which are extensively used for document management and collaboration
  • Consider earning a master’s degree to qualify for a promotion. 
    Feasible options may include:
  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master of Science in Information Management
  3. Master of Library and Information Science
  4. Master of Science in Knowledge Management
  5. Master of Science in Management Information Systems
  • Establish a reputation as an efficient specialist who keeps things organized and secure
  • Follow all organizational, state, and federal guidelines related to data privacy
  • Teach your organization’s employees how to safeguard documents properly
  • Participate in professional organizations like ARMA International or the Institute of Certified Records Managers to network and learn about new opportunities
  • Volunteer to take on more responsibilities, including supervising others
  • Find someone willing to mentor you about career progression
  • Consider relocating or looking for jobs at larger organizations to advance your career
Kế hoạch B

Document Management Specialists are key workers in any organization, but if you’re looking for some alternatives, check out a few of the related occupations below!

  • Quản lý dịch vụ hành chính   
  • Nhà phân tích hệ thống máy tính
  • Người quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu
  • Kiến trúc sư cơ sở dữ liệu
  • Health Information Technologist and Medical Registrar
  • Chuyên viên phân tích bảo mật thông tin
  • Chuyên viên phân tích quản lý
  • Chuyên gia hồ sơ y tế
  • Lập trình viên
  • Web Administrator

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